Funk 'o' Vision
DATE : JUNE 2007


About Funk 'o' Vision
So what is Funk 'o' Vision? Funk 'o' Vision is an interactive media installation that reacts to people around him by trying to entertain them trough a 70s themed game show. As soon as people get near Funk 'o' Vision he will try to find them by rotating towards them and start asking them to activate him by pressing the big, shinny red button on top of him. Once started, Funk 'o' Vision will introduce himself and begin a question round. He will started asking the contestants a series of questions which then they try to answer. After a number of questions he will calculate if they have won a price. During this calculation Funk 'o' Vision will show the contestants a montage of the show using movie and sound recordings of the contestants themselves which he has recorded during the question round. After this he will say whether they have won a price or not and then close down. After this process he returns to his search for a new contester.

About the Projectgroup and production proces
Funk 'o' Vision was designed and build in June and July of 2007 by me and 4 other people ( Lieven Maes, Ralph van Barneveld, Sylt Steen and Martijn van Dueren den Hollander ) as part of a school project. The goal was to make an interactive media installation that would tempt people to use it. We wanted to make something that was complicated, challenging, and that would be fun to work on. We came up with this idea trough a series of brainstorm sessions. After that, we spend about 2 months actually designing and building it.

So how does Funk 'o' Vision work
if you are interested, take a look at these photos of the inside of Funk 'o' Vision work to see how it actually works. If you want to know more about it, Contact Me and ill be glad to tell you more about the insides of Funk 'o' Vision.

Where has Funk 'o' Vision been
Funk 'o' Vision has seen a couple of place in Holland during his still continuing lifetime. He was first presented at Saxion Hogeschool Enschede. Since then he has been to the GoG Bot 2007 Festival in Enschede, the Saxion Hogeschool Deventer and the Gameplay Beurs 2007 in Utrecht. Currently he is located in storage at Saxion Hogeschool Enschede.