Osprey Down
DATE : JUNE 2003


About Osprey down
Osprey down (or sc_opd) was a map I made for the original Half-Life mod Sven Coop. For those of you who can not remember the original half-life, it was a videogame by valve-software and was released back in 1998 (which would explain the lack of graphical capacities of the engine). Sven Coop was a mod that made it possible for multiple players to play the single player part of half life in a multiplayer cooperative mode. Sven Coop might not have been the most popular half-life mod, I did receive a lot of positive comments from this map.

Gameplay and storyline
The idea of this map was as you might expect inspired by the movie Blackhawk down. This was a map that was made to be played cooperatively by 2 to 8 players and their goal was to find a crash site of a crashed osprey and hold it until reinforcement would come. Gameplay consisted out of combat in both open areas and in closed spaces. Players would have to fight their way trough small streets and buildings against enemy military forces to get to the crash site at the end of a mainly laniary route. Arriving at the crash site they would face a number of waves of enemy forces and defend.

Download Osprey down
If you want to play this map you can
Download Osprey Down here

Note: you need a copy of both the original Half-Life and Sven Coop 3.0 to play this map

Here are some ingame screenshots form sc_opd.