Penguins from Mars
DATE : MAY 2007


Penguins from mars?!?
These penguins belong to a small school project. The goal was to make a music mixer in flash. The idea of penguins is for some twisted reason always on my mind so the idea of musical penguins was quickly made. The whole thing (concept to final product, including the music) was made in about a week. Myself, I think it is not really nicely programmed or animated but for some reason people always fall in love with these penguins playing musical instruments that are way too big for their cute and tiny bodies. I have to admit that I do find both the penguins and the fish quite adorable so thatís why I put them up here.

To control these penguins click them to make them start/stop playing. You can use the sun and the little rock in the front/center to control the volume and panning